YR-TB-B high temperature adhesive tape coating machine

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YR-TB-B high temperature adhesive tape coating machine


Coating machine Main speciality

1comma scraper ,transfer, five roller, mayer bar ,reverse gravure coater etc.automatic glue thickness control(PLC+finger touch screen)

2,heating oven use internal circulation or outside circulation, Precisely control the temperature according to the technical requirements of each section

3, Segmented chain tension control, a full-time closed-loop control line to ensure constant tension running,active unwinding &rewinding

4, Brushless servo-correction system to ensure that low, medium and high speed is more stable, reliable, neat edge

5,humidity for paper with steam spray,smooth the paper surface and absorb more fully, even

6,unwinding and rewinding with automatic cutting splicing ,don’t need to stop the machine, Improve production efficiency to reduce energy consumption

7, Machine control system uses the Siemens brand, you can remotely monitor


Technical parameters



Heating type

steam,hot oil,electricity,natural gas




Oven length, material, and rewinding and unwinding diameter customized according to customer requirements


Coating machine detail