Single and double axis automatic cutting table

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Single and double axis automatic cutting table


Scope of application:Masking paper, double-sided, foam, protective film, etc.


1. Spindle and round knife power use AC motor with frequency converter for high and low speed adjustment and forward and reverse switching control

2. Servo motor controls cutting width, with precision ball screw and slide rail for high precision cutting

3. Operation interface Using the touch screen, you can directly input various parameters and function condition settings on the item.

4. The central control system is a PLC controller. Various sizes can be set in the coaxial, and the cutting width is automatically adjusted when the machine is running.

5. The angle of the round knife is automatically adjusted: the knife seat adopts the automatic adjustment mechanism. When the cutting plane is not good, the cutting angle can be directly changed.

6. Small tube cutting shaft: can specify the inner diameter of the tube according to customer requirements

7. Clamshell safety cover: protects the operator's safety and complies with international CE certification after installation

8. The cutting feed is controlled by servo motor, and the feed speed can be adjusted freely.